Thursday, September 14, 2006

Illusionaly Disillusioned

Confined by the precincts of its existence, perched on the saddle of the evening breeze, it sways and waltzes, gleaming in the strokes of sun. Suddenly betrayed by the flirty breeze, it hurtles down, crashing on the spiky grass, succumbing to the call of mortality.When the little kid, who was trying to get hold of it, opens up his closed fist, all he finds is the vestiges of a carefree, uninhibited soap bubble.

Moving from the ashes of the bubble to the realms of the human nature, its quite startling to see how the mind perceives things which it believes or rather, which it wants to believe. Nothing wrong with believing things, for with belief springs hope; hope propels action and action engenders the fruits of our sweat. Problem arises with the mind “wanting” to believe, which for most of the time begets false hope, rearing futile actions leading to salty sweat. If mind and heart be addressed as two discrete entities toying with the human will, then “wanting to believe” syndrome is an outgrowth of the overpowering heart over the subdued mind. But the omniscient mind is assured of the last laugh.

This state of mind clouded with want, floats as an Illusion bubble only to be pierced by the arrow of reality. Illusion, though evanescent, might leave an indelible mark, if we sometimes fail to see, that the cup is half empty.

This piece of writing was borne out of the boredom of two grad students who set out on penning with the theme “evanescent”, who are in thirst of adventure and relief from the grind of groundhog days.


Navin said...

enna da ore peter vidure

Naren said...

No Peter Navin, boredom drove me to it

Anonymous said...

Very well written!!!


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