Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Newton's fault.

Once in a while, the neurons in the troposhpere of my cranium go hayire. If this erratic connectivity has impressed upon your mind to imagine smoke puffing out of my aural chimney due to OVERUSE, I would like to turn off your wild imaginative horsepower and reveal for a fact, that my CPU doesn't come with a duo or quadra core processor. As a result, it crashes beyond the normal chores of eating and sleeping. Of late, in its dormant state, it has started spewing out weird hypothesis and the outcome of such wacky visions is why not there be nano version of humanoids.

Peering through the fog of bizarreness, a perceptive mind can harness the freedom from the shackles of Newton's laws of Mechanics. A member of Priory of Scion, hushing up the lineage of the royal blood - Newton, would have served the humanity better had he stopped, after unearthing the force of gravity. The moment he delineated the laws of mechanics governing macro objects, which in its current dimension does include the Homosapiens, the entire human race is plagued by inertia- a condition of the body to exist in its current condition unless propelled by an external force to change its course.

A pinch of salt attitude towards this malignant condition has done more harm than good. Of grave concern is my perpetual state of laziness - a stable condition fuelled by inertia, has joined me in holy matrimony for the rest of my life. With the prenuptial agreement of "daily chores of work" as the alimony, I feel its wise to vamoose away and enter the "nano" paradigm where quantum world overthrows the Newton mechanics. Until my vision materializes, I need Tank of THE MATRIX fame, to load programs and FREE MY MIND from inertia.

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