Saturday, October 14, 2006

Absently minded

Betrayed by alarm clock

Stalled by restroom queue

Sweetened by Pepsodent

Trimmed by Gillette

Purged in Pears

Garbed in Nautica

Sedated by caffeine

Informed by BBC

Nourished by Kelloggs

Cuddled by the icy wind

Glared by the streaky sun

Tripped by the slippery frost

Delayed by 20 minutes

Losing to the speeding bus

Racing on the pedestrian tracks

Honked by the irate ‘Ferrari’er

Staved off by the suspended lift

Ascending a flight of steps

Gasping for breath

I stand in the classroom late by 30 minutes, looking like a fool,on a Sunday morning.

Exiting the Department

Spotting a blondie........

Monday, October 02, 2006

Naren's Law

Totally devoid of creativity, in an attempt to keep the spiders away in my blog, I have tried to mimick Murphy's Law.

* You will always find a XXL of your desired color and design

* You can assume that the battery is low when you are on time.

* The needed book/page will always be missing in the library/book.

* The computer is programmed to go off at 99% downloading progress.

* The 24x24 film captures everything but the moment.

* The last ticket to the flick walks out before you.

* There is always one to slander your favorite actress.

* You will never find anyone to chat when you are lonely.

* The best part of the film will always be missing in a downloaded movie.

* There is always one to pull your leg in a get-together.

* You will press the accelerator for a brake while learning to drive.

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