Monday, October 02, 2006

Naren's Law

Totally devoid of creativity, in an attempt to keep the spiders away in my blog, I have tried to mimick Murphy's Law.

* You will always find a XXL of your desired color and design

* You can assume that the battery is low when you are on time.

* The needed book/page will always be missing in the library/book.

* The computer is programmed to go off at 99% downloading progress.

* The 24x24 film captures everything but the moment.

* The last ticket to the flick walks out before you.

* There is always one to slander your favorite actress.

* You will never find anyone to chat when you are lonely.

* The best part of the film will always be missing in a downloaded movie.

* There is always one to pull your leg in a get-together.

* You will press the accelerator for a brake while learning to drive.


Arun said...

no. 1 is so very true.......n0.7 ..xperience pesuda??...aprom....vat jyothik va suriya thallitu poitna pola!!...

suren said...

machi u always happen to quote the one that happens rarely....when u start to write the one u got easily it takes time years to type.some good examples are good brother u have....etc

Naren said...

@ Arun

No.7 u r one among them Mr.Arun.

@ Suren

Dude I think u r in another galaxy for your time frame of rare happenings doesnt conform to the Milky way

Murali said...

No wonder they say :

' If there is a 50-50 chance of something going wrong, 9 out of ten times, it will ' :)))

Naren said...

@ DM

I think mishappenings defy Probablility theory

janu said...

N0 7 Jyothika sucks


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