Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Longing for the *free spirit*

Oh!!. As I stepped out of my apartment, she was there again, embracing me with her gentle hands, murmuring breezily in my ear. Though its pretty embarrasing, her kiss, seems to defy all the laws of philematology. It really invigorates my body, rushing in fresh air to my airsac. Being a globetrotter, she started to fill me in with her latest adventures, while playfully caressing my hair.

She instinctively gets to know that I am turning a deaf ear to her mumblings and ramblings. Well, going by Newton's third law, I have to incur the repercussions of my actions . She waits for her moment, and then gently swishes the tree near the entrance of my building. Morning dew on the leaves might kindle the imagination of a poet, not on my shirt.

Her impishness knows no bounds. She tries to flee away with the NMR spectra, strewing them all over the pavement, knocks off the coffee cup by the window and what not. But she has saved me from many embarassing moments, very subtely making me aware that my flyer is undone.

Though we are together most of the time, I cannot make her mine or grab her by her arm . Her unpredictable nature, her free spirit are what draws me closer to her. These are few of my thoughts that I have AIRed about her. Its time for me to WIND and head off as Nicholas Cage has classified her as a BLIZZARD tonight.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

"What's this life if full of care"

After many persuasions from different co-ordinates of the hemisphere, finally I find myself in the midst of the blogging community. To whom am I publishing , I still wonder. We are in a global village living in isolation, who have

" No time to stand and stare:No time to stand beneath the boughs and stare as long as sheep or cows" .

Prognosis of W.H.Davies from "Leisure". Great lines that I mugged in my 8th standard. I wonder how it is still tatooed in my memory. With all the punctuations and other crazy signs intact, I managed only 9 on 10, while my beloved friend who punched his punctuations to his own whims and fancies had a full pointer. I realized then , people also count the punctuations to award points apart from the number of sheets in the exam.

So to all the onlookers, if you have time to stare, please do spare.

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