Thursday, June 22, 2006

contemplation on FILE anagram

Accused of being an aimless arrow, abstractly romantic or rather precisely morontic, I have taken an offbeaten path from the regular 3-4 paragraphs to contemplate on


- It’s a Mac Powerbook G4 crippled of a DEL key to rewrite the past, but gifted with a SHIFT key to the future.

-It’s a Motorola Razor edge without free daytime minutes to waste but all night hours to dream.

-It’s an apple’s ipod devoid of too many playlists to play, but great songs to sing along.

-It’s a Parker without a refill for living but enough ink to sketch our course.

-It’s a Da Vinci code without a Tom Hanks , but quite a puzzle for us to do the decryption.

Can life get more materialistic than this, which once revolved around Pizza, Levis, Castle (food, clothing and shelter). However its a Roberto Benigni's LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Guilt free Sunday

When everything comes with an RFID tag (Radio frequency Identification), right from the library books to our entry to secured buildings, how come this guy strolls around without it. If he had been tagged, he wouldn’t have had the guts to barge in through the window, penetrate my comforter, and pierce my eyelid with his warm streaks of rays. Lazily, peering out of my comforter at the sundial, I was astonished to wake up with the minute hand and the hour hand vertically slicing the entire circle in two halves . Me, waking up at 6.A.M. on a Sunday is once in a blue “sun” occurrence.

Wading my way with an air of arrogance and casting a condescending look at all my lazy roomies who are still snuggled in their comforters, I slipped out of my apartment. Fresh morning breeze, which was flirting with the trees overlooking my appt, found a new crush in me. As always, I try to do the movie inspired scenes of embracing myself with crossed arms and rubbing, to warm myself. Listening to the chirping sparrows, looking at the scurrying squirrels with walnuts, and the seeking sun trying to take a peek at me through the canopy, filled me with a sense of fulfillment. Little Madhavan in me inspired another movie stunt of flinging my arms up in the air and yawn with a high-pitched squeak. Bad stunt indeed, for the stagnating rainwater over our roof hit me without a warning.

Finishing my morning chores, I continued my Sunday Morning after the intermission. Seated on the staircase and holding a hot frothing cup of coffee, I savored the steam rendering waviness to the house and trees in front, while the fragrance of chicory complementing the morning effect. More complementing would have been, if my girl hugged me from behind, throwing her arms around my neck, rubbing her cheeks against my 5’o clock shadowed cheeks, and pleading me for a bed coffee. As I slide a second cup in front, her “Chow Chweet” turns into a childish glower for want of more sweetness in her coffee to which I retort, “Try me”

Getting back to reality, things are not as black and white as they seem to be. It would have been more enjoyable if my romanticism and movie inspired stunts were not bombarded with thoughts of my research work, its related anxieties, or the empty future begging me for attention. My roommate once put them in words as, “Guilt free pleasure is a rare commodity and quite a lavish luxury.” Undeniable facts for the grad student, by the grad student and of the grad student. Though there are miles to go before I sleep, I think I will cross the bridge when it comes, what with double treat of French Open finals and World Cup Soccer in Germany vying for attention.

Until my next Guilt-free Sunday
Guten Tag.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dream Works Production

The chandelier lights are soft. The red velvet carpet endowing an air of stateliness to the proceedings, rosewood furniture cushioning the elite personalities of the gathering. Midway through the vibrations in the air, “ The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is proud to honor this year’s youngest Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Dr. Narendran, recognizing his contribution ….”, I button my suit, cast an accomplishing glance at the my parents and girlfriend, walk down the aisle, return with a memento and a cash prize, that for once will make my wallet happy. As I try to wipe out the champagne on my suit, result of the slip between the cup and the lip, I felt a sense of chill running down my spine. I wake up to the trickling water, courtesy – my roomie, “ Dude lets go to weekly pilgrimage – the Walmart.” What an insult to a Nobel Laureate!!!!!

DREAMS – a virtual “n” dimensional space for which we don’t require a visa at the port of entry. The space with no boundaries, where our imaginations are as wild as our obviousness, taking a ride on the Pegasus, and of course the regular ingredients of white clouds and plumes of white smoke to add to our dream sequence. (Yeah! You are right. I do watch a lot of Tamil movies.). From time immemorial, we all have been playing the Tom and Jerry game, chasing our dreams, with hope as our adrenalin.

Ironically, all our dreams have a strain of uncertainty that transforms it into a mirage. But I guess, we owe a lot to Mr. Uncertainty, who spices our life with drama and adventure. If not for him, we wouldn’t be so anxious to open a Fortune cookie to see what’s in store for us, (in bed). But however uncertain it might be, its always DREAMZ UNLIMITED!!!

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