Monday, May 29, 2006

Caught the Miss.

Being infested with the vagaries of life, I slithered to a state of reclusion. Sitting on a grass carpet, I couldn’t help but notice the evening breeze flirting with the lake water. Not far away from where I was seated, I heard a fluttering noise. It was a piece of paper shouldering a heavy stone like Atlas holding the world, badly in need of Hercules to set him free.

Out of nowhere, a sparrow swooped down and darted away with a earthworm that was taking its evening stroll on the paper. A deathbed indeed!! for the earthworm. Sadly, before the paper could breathe its freedom from the worm, a bubblegum landed with a big thud, delaying its emancipation. As though God was listening to its prayer, a baseball rolled over, carrying with it the holy glue.

A blonde girl walking by, created a stir in my paper mate, who started to flutter more than ever. Finally with the wind as its rescuer, it broke loose of its master and flew to her back. Paper does have hormones, I guess. When I saw the highlighted word “FREE” I started to follow her, trying to read, my head dancing to her tunes.

She sensed her new companion and shoved the paper off, not forgetting to give me a stare. I was more interested in the contents of the paper than her looks that I started to follow the paper’s ascent to the top of the tree. Got the necessary info of venue, date and time. As I was waiting for its descent, a gal came running, snatched the paper from the air, scribbled some numbers wrapped around a stone and threw it at a bus where a boy lunged out of the window only to miss it. Her beauty subdued my seething cauldron of emotions.

Take a guess where I landed. A free ballroom dance for 1 month. First come, first serve basis. And with the girl who snatched my paper patch. His miss, my Catch.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Life has its own way of teasing its survivors, sometimes being ruthless and merciless, and at other times swathing them in glory, and swashbuckling moments. So on a day when life came galloping on a winged Pegasus and swooped me down with its three-pronged spears, just like the “word of the day”, I sensed that I am the “Prey of the day”.

When, all I felt was even the light at the end of the tunnel was a neon glow of a fast train hurtling down the tracks with my image at its crosswire, something lifted my spirits. It pulled me back from the jaws of death, tranquilizing my mind sloshed in turmoil. I owe my presence, my reincarnation and my rising like a Phoenix from the ashes to her all soothing, hypnotizing, innocent SMILE that has left me yearning for more.

Undeniably, action speaks a thousand words and one can find no better example of such non-verbal portrayal than in the flicks of the much-famed Indian director, Mr.Mani Ratnam, where his entire film dialogues can be etched on nanoparticles. If not for his duo with P.C.Sriram, Madhavan’s bunny smile could never have swooned and swept the Indian girls off their feet, or that’s what they think (being swept).

Smile, a five-lettered word that has the power to humble the five elements of the universe can be a silent harbinger of a heavenly relationship that can sustain the little hearts. Holding a rose on one hand and his heart on the other, as our lover boy spurts out those magical words to his beloved, it’s only her smile that’s going to keep his heartbeat tick for both of them.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Assuming a span of 60 years before we have a lift-off, the spectrum of Homo sapiens immunized from impoverishment, enjoy the privilege of spending half their life being nurtured in a school of thought. Never in our tender age, would we have realized that a walk along with our parents grappling their index fingers, repeating after them, A for apple, B for boy,.. would one day lead the road to take a WALK on one of the most unforgettable moments in our life- the Graduation Day.

Yet to accomplish many things, with my graduation and me poles apart, I decided to step into the shoes of the black gown clad intellectuals just to capture their musings before the final moments of their degree conferral. Seated along with equally accomplished peers, a sense of overwhelming happiness would have rushed in, only to be lulled by the gentle spicing of the Philharmonic. After scanning for the familiar faces and match-lit conversations, mind would have wandered to the humble beginnings where they had to start from scratch, their one –step rise on a near 90 degree slope hill tripped down by 2 step setbacks, conviction to stay afloat in the sinking submarine, racing against time to meet the deadlines,…the flashes of the past suddenly takes a back seat with the marching of the faculties to the tune of Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No 1.

Walking down the aisle, receiving the degree and tossing the tassel from one side of the mortarboard to the other, the verve of accomplishment can never be captured in a 24mm lens or be elegantly put down in words.You live only once to experience it.

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