Saturday, August 26, 2006

F -

Cobwebs in my blog – Words failed me.

Actor Surya getting married – Jyothika failed me.

Snail pace of my research – Science failed me.

Lack of inspiration – Nature failed me.

Depleting imagination – Creativity failed me.

My Running nose – Immune system failed me.

Landed spat on facing ground – Grass failed me.

Living like an island – Orkut failed me.

Reminiscing my past – Present failed me.

So bad that have I have allowed so many things to fail me, for which I am responsible for, hence I fail myself.


Anonymous said...

Failure is the stepping stone to success

Naren said...

Hey Anon

Thank you for your inspiring words. Hope Failures fail me too.

SonaliDas said...

Hey -- this is pure poetry -- words fail me!!! ;o)

Naren said...


YOu have polished my cribbings as poetry. Thank you


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